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Dave DiSanto started practicing yoga on his own 8 years ago to help counteract the rigidity that training for triathlons was having on his body. It wasnʼt u_MAT6133ntil a few years later when he started attending hot yoga at a studio that he was hooked and yoga soon became his primary form of movement. Dave started teaching in January of 2014 after his 200 hr/yoga teacher training in the Bhakti Method. Daveʼs belief in yoga evolved to where he feels the breath and mind are the cornerstones of every practice and as far as the physical movement-everything is fair game. “People will show you their very best on the mat. Iʼve always felt as a yoga teacher itʼs not my job to push people, but rather, create an environment where they feel comfortable pushing themselves.”
Dave is a Personal Trainer at Robert Wood Johnson Health & Wellness Center and has been blessed to teach many different types of people many different types of yoga. Travel is another huge passion in Daveʼs life and has played a major role in molding his outlook on life. Heʼs successfully completed full thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Grand Enchantment Trail, over 6,000 miles of hiking.