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BPY Brings back 6:15 am Vinyasa to Marlton studio

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6:15 am Vinyasa – First Class September 3, 2019 with Kristie

You asked for it and we are happy to announce, we are bring back on an earlier morning class to the studio. However, please note the slight adjustment to the start time – 6:15 am. Our early morning classes will be vinyasa style beginning September 3, 2019 and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Classes will mainly be taught by Kristie, but you may see some of your other fav BPY teachers pop up to cover some classes.

All levels welcome. Integrating breath and movement, strength and flexibility while moving through various vinyasa flows specially sequenced by each teacher. Modifications can be made allowing students to move at their own pace. The room is heated, not hot for this class. A great way to start your day and priced to get you out of bed at $10 a class for a drop in! Class cards can also be used.

There are lots of benefits to practicing first thing in the morning.  Here are a few:

  1.  It encourages you to make healthy choices all day – start the day off on the right foot and you tend to stay on track!
  2. Stop procrastination – When you don’t hit the snooze button, you are rewiring your brain to tackle tough projects.  Achieving a goal early in the day builds confidence.
  3. Begin your day with reduced stress levels.  Isn’t it better to head into a potentially stressful day from a place of calm?
  4. You will boost your energy levels.  A physical yoga practice helps your body at a cellular level by improving your cells oxygenation.  It’s a simple process, and scientifically proved.

We are so happy to bring this back to the schedule, and very grateful to have Kristie leading the way! T

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