At Balanced Planet Yoga, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming + inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds + abilities to explore and deepen their understanding of yoga. We believe the practice of yoga extends far beyond the physical postures, + we strive to integrate all aspects of yoga, including pranayama [breathwork], mantra, sound, philosophy, and meditation into our  offerings.  Our mission is to love + serve everyone who walks through our doors.  To do this, we work to create an environment that fosters growth both on + off the mat by providing high-quality instruction, personalized attention, + a felt sense of community to support each individual’s unique journey. Through our teachings, we aim to inspire our students to live more mindfully, compassionately, + authentically, cultivating a connection with themselves + the world around them.

We believe that yoga has the power to heal, transform, + empower all of us to live our fullest, most vibrant life.  We are honored to share this practice + this sacred space with everyone who walks through our doors.