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About BPY

Gain Balance. Give Back. Get Bliss.

A Space for All

From the moment we conceived the idea of Balanced Planet Yoga, we knew that we wanted to create a space that was unique and truly ours — which for us, turned out to mean creating a space for all.

As a yogi duo, we met in a hot yoga class in 2010.  By many accounts, we couldn’t be more different with the 23-year age gap that spans between us.  When we struck up a conversation after a class (about handstands, of course), we soon realized that the things that were so obviously differentSchedule Class about us were part of what made our friendship so special.   We also learned that we were a whole heck of a lot alike – independent thinkers who are insanely passionate and dedicated to our goals.  We also learned a very valuable lesson that we try to impart in our teaching – “No Judgments”.

Our yoga journey soon led us to a 200-hour yoga teacher-training certificate in hot vinyasa flow yoga as well as a 50-hour teaching certificate for Budokon Yoga.  We regularly attend advanced workshops with great yogis like Patrick Beach, Mackenzie Miller, Cameron Shayne and Joan Hyman.  We are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge and skills, and we hope to bring some of these special yogis to our studio to share their practice with all of you.

So why Balanced Planet Yoga?  By “day”, we are both busy ladies juggling careers and family – just like many of you!  We know that there are days when balance seems like some far away place where sugar plum fairies dance.  We wanted to change this notion and to share with our community a place to practice balance.

We aren’t looking for ourselves or anyone else here at BPY to be your “guru”, to change your religion, or to give you some quick fix to cure all your woes.  You are your own guru, this isn’t a church, and we know that the practice of yoga is a lifelong journey.  We are here to create a place for you to explore your body’s ability to move and connect to a mindful way of living.  We believe that this practice will give you important skills for living a grounded, blissful, and mindful life both on and off the mat. We invite you to come Hang in the Balance and try it for yourself.

With love,
Cheryl and Katie