A Space for All

From the moment we planted the seed + birthed the idea of Balanced Planet Yoga, we knew our mission was to create a little sanctuary that felt like hOMe — which for us, turned out to mean creating a safe space for all.

As a seemingly unlikely pairing in partnership, we met in a hot yoga class in 2010. By many accounts, we couldn’t be more different with the 23-year age gap that spans between us. When we struck up a casual conversation after a class, we soon realized that the surface level differences between us was actually secret recipe to a brilliant friendship + [at that time an unknown] future business partnership.

“I keep Cheryl young and ‘in-the-know’ and she keeps me wise beyond my years. She is my most treasured friendship + gift in this life – and together we conceived the most magical studio beyond our wildest dreams”.

All in all, we are two independent women who are insanely passionate + dedicated to our students and our continued collective evolution. We love what we do and even more so, love the people we get to do it with. “Our studio members are our extended family. We are honored that they allow us to sit, stand, + celebrate with them every step of the way toward their journey home.”

It’s all in the name

We are about people, pets, + plants. We believe achieving balance is a lived experience and needs to be fine tuned each day to live a full and happy life. Seeking balance is about widening the lens and recognizing that each one of us is our own little universe inside a bigger, grander universe. We are one drop in the ocean of Brahman – to take care + tend to ourselves is to tend the world around us. Balance is about honoring and understanding that without darkness there is no light, and without self-care we cannot be of service to the world around us [and all the sacred beings in it].

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others – and lifted the foundations of home within myself – I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind + body that have decided to be whole.” —  Rupi Kaur

Welcome hOMe