A Space for All

From the moment we planted the seed + birthed the idea of Balanced Planet Yoga, we knew our mission was to create a little sanctuary that felt like hOMe — which for us, turned out to mean creating a safe space for all.

As a seemingly unlikely pairing in partnership back in 2014, Kate + Cheryl met in a hot yoga class in 2010. By many accounts, they couldn’t be more different with the 23-year age gap that spans between them. When Kate + Cheryl struck up a casual conversation after a class, they soon realized that the surface level differences between them were actually the secret recipe to a brilliant friendship + [at that time an unknown] future business partnership.

In 2021, Kate headed off to Phoenix, Arizona still maintaining a connection to the BPY Community.  In fact, you can still find Kate teaching a monthly class and hosting a 300 Hour Training in the studio in the Fall each year.  The distance, however, proved the need for a transition, and this is when Jenna Kelly was brought on as a co-owner of the studio.  Jenna shares in the vision of the founders of the studio –  to help continue to be a welcoming + safe space for all who walk in our doors.  As a group, we are women who are insanely passionate + dedicated to their students and their continued personal evolution, the community can rest assured BPY will continue to deliver quality content.

BPY is more than a small business – it is a passion.  The studio members and teachers are  extended family. It never is lost on Cheryl, Jenna or Kate the absolute honor it is to sit, stand, + celebrate with this community every step of the way toward their journey home.

Balanced Planet Yoga – It’s all in the name

We believe achieving balance is a lived experience and needs to be fine tuned each day to live a full and happy life. Seeking balance is about widening the lens and recognizing that each one of us is our own little universe inside a bigger, grander universe. To take care + tend to ourselves is to tend the world around us. Balance is about honoring and understanding that without darkness there is no light, and without self-care we cannot be of service to the world around us [and all the sacred beings in it].

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others – and lifted the foundations of home within myself – I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind + body that have decided to be whole.” —  Rupi Kaur

welcome hOMe