A Space for All

From the moment the idea of Balanced Planet Yoga was conceived, we knew our mission was to create a little sanctuary that felt like home — a place where everyone felt safe to unpack their day or whatever might be weighing them down.  We knew it would also be a place to root for each other’s successes and share our day-to-day experiences.  As it turns out, BPY has become that and so very much more.

BPY is the original brainchild of Kate Moats + Cheryl Van Sciver.  As a seemingly unlikely pairing in partnership, they met in a hot yoga class in 2010. By many accounts, they couldn’t have been more different with the 23-year age gap between them. Yet, when Kate + Cheryl struck up a casual conversation after a class, they soon realized that the surface-level differences between them were actually the secret recipe to a brilliant friendship + [at that time an unknown] future business partnership.  They opened our doors in 2015, and, over the years, they built BPY into a thriving community capable of withstanding even a pandemic.


In 2021, Kate headed off to Phoenix, Arizona, requiring her to step away from the studio. And while we were very sad to see Kate move on [and we wish her all the very best], this created space for Jenna Kelly [Cheryl’s daughter] to be brought on as a studio co-owner.  Jenna shares in the vision of the studio’s founders –  to help continue to be a welcoming + safe space for all who walk through our doors.  Cheryl + Jenna are insanely passionate + dedicated to their students and their continued personal evolution.  You can expect the studio to continue to grow as a loving, inclusive, + safe space under their guidance.

And this is because BPY is more than a small business to not just Cheryl + Jenna but all the beloved teachers.  Teaching yoga is a vocation.  The studio members and teachers are our extended family.  It never is lost on Cheryl and Jenna the absolute honor it is to sit, stand, + celebrate with this community as we all walk each other home.

Balanced Planet Yoga – It’s all in the name

We believe finding balance is a lived experience and needs to be fine-tuned each day to live a whole and happy life. Seeking balance is about widening the lens to see the entirety of our experience and learning that balance is not a static place.  We must take care + tend to ourselves every day to be forces for good for ourselves, this planet, and all creatures, great and small.  The practice of yoga is one way to move through this world softly and with awareness to find ease in the chaos.

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others – and lifted the foundations of home within myself – I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind + body that have decided to be whole.” —  Rupi Kaur

welcome home