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Giving Back

The BPY Manifesto


BPY is for the Seekers. It’s for the soul searchers, the life lovers, the peace givers. And by that, we mean that yoga is for you. It’s for those who can’t touch their toes and for those who just finished their 15th triathlon. The great thing about yoga is that you already have everything you need: your body and your breath. So come Hang in the Balance. Take off your shoes and stay awhile.  Lie down your troubles, then lie down your mat. Let your breath be your rhythm, your body be your guide, and bring some balance back in your world. Share in a community that shares through you. Gain Balance. Give Back. Get Bliss.

Our Balanced Planet

We believe that balance within leads to balance beyond. BPY strives to be a community in balance — bringing people and planet together and demonstrating the power of true sustainability. In Pantjali’s Yoga Sutras, and specifically in the Yamas and Niyamas, the ideas of personal and social responsibility are interconnected. BPY emulates this deep connection of people and planet, which is why we’ve built this space with these core principles of sustainability in mind:

For Our People

  1. Gaining Balance | We love humans. We especially love to help humans get back into balance, which is why we don’t just teach yoga, we practice yoga in true community with others. We are passionate about guiding your yoga journey and gaining inspiration from your yoga progression.
  2. Giving Back | Because we so deeply believe in the power of yoga, we want to make sure it is accessible to all members of our community. To do this, BPY offers a variety of classes with cost in mind: the Community classes ($10/class), the 6am classes ($10/class), and our donation-based Karma classes (all proceeds go to a good cause).
  3. Getting Bliss | Not only does yoga have positive effects for our minds, bodies, and souls, but also the act of giving back is proven to make happier humans. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health and the Research Project on Gratitude and Thankfulness, giving not only makes us happy; it is actually good for our health. Even more, those same studies find that these feelings are contagious! That’s what BPY is all about — spreading good vibes for our people and our planet.

For Our Planet

  1. Smart Sourcing | Being eco-conscious means doing your homework, which is why we spend a lot of time consulting experts and reading up on the products that we use and sell in our space to ensure that everything we source is from other humans (and their companies) that care about the environment.
  2. Restoring Old Treasures | Before buying anything new, we try to buy used. When a product can be reused and reloved, we keep it out of the landfill and bring new meaning to our space.
  3. Inspiring Others | We want to create awareness in the yoga community to think deeply about what it means to live in balance with one another. Yoga studios bring tremendous opportunity to educate, share, and learn about living in harmony with the planet and it is important for us to use our space to bring sustainability into focus for all who come into our community.

How We’ve Built Our Balance

This space is the result of being aware of our impact as consumers. We carefully consider the way that our choices impact our planet and our fellow humans. Knowledge is power, so we invite you to make suggestions for how we can more deeply live out our values and push the limits of what it means to be a community in balance. Whether you want to ask a question about our studio, share a new idea for reducing energy consumption, or suggest new products for our retail space, we would love to hear from you.

Here is how we have built our balance from the bottom up:

  • Our flooring is helping to save the World’s forests, thanks to the eco-friendly options we chose at ProSource.
  • We also chose to use radiant floor heat and infrared heat, more efficient approaches that reduce energy use and deliver sustained temperatures at lower thermostat settings.
  • The yoga mats we offer in the studio are the world’s most environmentally friendly mats available from Jade Yoga Mats — products made from renewable materials rather than harmful PVC. For each mat produced, the company also plants a tree.
  • Our walls are painted with Benjamin Moore low-VOC paint, which makes them much less toxic to humans and improves indoor air quality tremendously.
  • The ceiling fans are Energy Star Rated, which means that they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.
  • The water bottles we sell is made from 100% recycled material from Boxed Water.
  • Many of the furnishings in the studio are recycled, repurposed, or made from renewable sources.
  • The rest of our studio furnishings are from Ikea, a company that is a leader in being “People and Planet Positive” through their sustainability efforts.
  • Our cleaning products are all eco-friendly, meaning we use products that avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic products.
  • For any paper products you do see in the studio, from our toilet paper to our business cards — rest assured that they are all made from 100% recyclable and/or recycled materials.  We also source them from companies that care about their impact on their environment as well.
  • We also use a credit card service that enables our customers to receive e-mailed receipts in an effort to reduce paper waste.

And we support other eco-friendly companies in our retail store:

  • We are proud to be Aveda’s first yoga studio. Since 1978, they have led the way in balancing the environment and beauty products.
  • The BPY Apparel you see in our store comes from vendors like Alternative Apparel, a company committed to using sustainable fabric and supporting local artisans and community development around the world, and Bella + Canvas, a company encouraging eco-conscious practices through recycling and electric car charging stations, who believes in the  mind – body connection offering its employees daily yoga classes.  Spiritual Gangster believes in giving back every chance they get.  For every item of clothing that is sold, they feed a person in need.
  • We also seek to sell items certified to be Fair Trade or from local vendors to support the beautiful company our studio is so proud to call hOMe.  Purchases of fair trade items have sent over 610 million dollars back to farmers and workers in over 45 countries since 1998.