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Are you curious to learn more about yoga philosophy? Our online course on the Yamas and Niyamas is designed specifically for beginners and anyone who is interested in learning the foundational principles of Yoga Philosophy. The Yamas and Niyamas are ethical guidelines that form the backbone of yogic philosophy, providing practitioners with a framework for living a more conscious and harmonious life. In this course, students will explore each of the Yamas (restraints) and Niyamas (observances) in depth, learning how they can be applied both on and off the yoga mat. Through a combination of an informative lecture, practical exercises, and reflective journaling prompts, participants will gain a deeper understanding of these principles and how they can cultivate greater self-awareness, compassion, and spiritual growth. Whether you’re completely new to yoga or seeking to deepen your practice, this course offers a rich and transformative journey into the heart of yoga philosophy.


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