Ayurveda & Yoga for the Summer Season

Ayurveda, The Science of Life, teaches that with the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of our habits.

Have you wanted to learn more about what Ayurveda is and how it works?  Join Certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Tanvi Dhooria and Yoga Instructor, Katrina Foy, on May 22nd starting at 12 noon for a workshop on how to best prepare for the hot summer months to keep you feeling your most rejuvenated.  You will discover your own unique constitution (Dosha) and receive Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle recommendations to jump start your health goals.  Our yoga practice will be designed on Ayurvedic principles, focusing on poses for balancing your Doshas during the summer season.  Participants will also be entered into a raffle for an Ayurvedic book giveaway!  Head over to MindBody to register today. The investment for the workshop is $35.

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