A Message from Kate & Cheryl – A Virtual Studio

Dear BPY Family,

We are living through difficult times. It is hard to believe that we have shut down operations in Marlton to help stop the spread of a virus, COVID-19 and launching a virtual studio. I am sure that all of you are experiencing regular moments of disbelief as well. We are feeling a bit surreal, like we are playing parts in a movie. In the midst of all this, we realize how important it is to stay grounded. How important it is to keep up with our internal housekeeping – to mind our thoughts. We are in it deep too.

Living is what we are here to do, and while we rail against many of the evils of technology, it may be the thing that helps keep us best connected now. So, we are exploring this new way of communicating with you. You will find us on Instagram Live this week offering free classes and on Namastream (free content and pay per view). Maybe our assists and hugs have to be virtual for now, but love and energy knows no boundary. With intention and care, we believe that we can grow our human connectedness in spite of our physical limitations. We thank you for your support and kind words throughout this time as we navigate things. We deeply appreciate your understanding of the difficulties Namastream has experienced with the unprecedented demand worldwide on systems.

We have all been part of creating a very special community in our little hOMe in Marlton, New Jersey. Let’s look out for each other where we can, be part of what makes things better, cultivate our patience, and use this time to ensure we end up somewhere better when all is said and done.

Namaste – we see you, we love you, we honor you.

In Light and Love,

Kate & Cheryl

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