Reiki Level I Certification – Balanced Planet Yoga

Reiki Level I Certification
Friday April 5 – Sunday April 7
Register now by – Clicking Here 
$495 ($100 deposit to BPY to reserve your place by March 1, 2019; balance paid to Awaken Your Chakras by Apr 1 – See Prerequisites Below
We are all Divine beings of light and resonance. It isn’t just a beautiful idea, it’s based in quantum physics. Reiki is a beautiful way to to connect with the unconditional love that is at the source of our oneness beyond duality. Reiki enables us to provide healing to the entire range of emotional and physical imbalances in life at the level of vibration, or root cause.
In this certification course, you will learn how to connect to this source of universal healing energy in order to awaken your own healing abilities and to learn how to heal yourself. You will experience activating meditations, interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and the powerful Reiki I attunement to open your relationship with the universal life force energy.
The primary focus of Reiki Level I is energetic initiation and self-treatment. Once we have the tools for channeling and transmitting healing energy to o ourselves, we can then focus on treating others (Reiki Level II), and perhaps eventually teaching others (Reiki Master).
Reiki Level I is a wonderful way to open your third eye, practice self-care, and experience radical healing in your own life. In Reiki Level I you will learn:
The history of Reiki
– The 5 Principles of Reiki
– The 7 main Chakras and energy centers
– How to treat yourself and others
– Hand placements for self-treatment
– Hand placements for treating others
– How to work with friends, family, and clients
– How to protect yourself energetically
Upon completion of the course you will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate in the Usui System of Natural Healing.
PRE-REQUISITE: You must be a graduate of the Awaken Your Chakras course. If you have not yet taken the course, it will be offered to registrants of the Reiki Level I Certification Retreat at a discount. Send proof of deposit to to receive your discount code. Next online courses will take place in September-October 2018 and January-February 2019.

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