BPY Mala Making Workshop

Join Shannon Harty, 500 ERYT  to learn the art of mala making or connect with others while practicing your existing mala making skills. Mala making is a very meditative and grounding exercise that allows us to create something beautiful with our hands while finding more ease, balance and peace in our minds and hearts. Shannon will share the sacred practice of beading, knotting, mantra and symbolism that was imparted to her by her mentor and friend, Casey Abley of ‘These Seeds of Love’.

Malas have been used in many spiritual and religious traditions as a tool to aid in prayer and/or meditation. Malas, also know as ‘garlands’, consist of 108 beads and 1 Guru bead and are often used in combination with a mantra, intention or prayer which is repeated 108 (or more) times. In vedic mathematics, 108 is known as a ‘Harshad’ (joy giving) number or an integer divisible by the sum of its digits. The Guru bead is a reminder to honor the teachers in your life, including the teacher within.

Want to learn more about malas or mantra practice? Come, share in the wisdom and beauty of creating your very own mala! You will be provided with all materials to create your own unique genuine gemstone mala.  In order to have all the materials on hand for the workshop you must register by June 19, 2015.

Cost for this workshop is $80, which includes all materials.  Clients may register online or in the studio.  


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