Budokon Yoga


Well, week 2 of Budokon Yoga at BPY is in the books.

We couldn’t be prouder of the amazing effort our yogis are putting in to learn this tremendously challenging yet rewarding practice.  We have been humbled by your conscious choice to be inspired by the Budokon yoga primary series practice.

As we begin to put in the work on the physical practice, we wanted to begin to talk more about what Budokon has to offer aside from the physical practice.  The practice is centered around 5 pillars:

1.  Movement – The physical work – tapping in to our ability to move with power, control, and flow.

2.  Thought – Why do we think the things we do?

3.  Emotion – Dealing with our perceptions – what is your story?

4.  Relationship – Learning how to have clear and effective communication.

5.  Nutrition – You are what you eat – and what you eat affects our planet.

6.  Environment – We learn the value of sustainability.

A healthy body is important because we need a body that is fit, able to move and flow.  Because when the body feels good and is healthy, this can translate into other areas of our lives.  A healthy body is more likely to make better food choices.  A healthy body is more likely to choose healthier relationships, be more adept at working through emotional issues, and be more in tune with its thought processes.  Budokon will no doubt make you very physically strong and flexible.  Continued practice will also teach you the emotional and intellectual skills to perform better in every aspect of your life – not just floating in our practice.  Quite simply, Budokon is here to empower you.  Every week we will try to touch on some of these concepts.

We are excited to continue to grow our South Jersey Budokon Family, and again much love and gratitude for your hard work.  Thank you so much for opening yourselves up to trying something new.  We hope that you are quickly finding out why we are so passionate about this practice.

Osu & Namaste

Cheryl & Katie



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