Sensei Derek Cook Coming to BPY for Budokon 101

Save the Date Yogis!  Sunday, May 17, 2015 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Sensei Derek

After years of misunderstanding and mistreating his body Derek came to yoga as a path to health and ultimately healing. In discovering the Budokon practice, Derek began to uncover a poorly hidden passion for teaching and quickly immersed himself in yoga and martial arts, seeking out teachers from Miami to Mumbai. Having studied under creator of Budokon, Kancho Cameron Shayne for many years and teaching extensively in the Washington DC area, Derek now teaches throughout NYC, with a love and focus for anatomy and functional asana.

Derek’s teaching style comes from his love of being able to share with students that which he has learned through his own experiences. His classes are influenced by all parts of his life, from his past as an artist to his time living and learning in ashrams throughout India to his work in Thai Massage. They are opportunities to have fun, learn a little more about your body, your mind, your limits and capabilities.

Budokon Yoga

Budokon Yoga seamlessly incorporates Ashtanga style vinyasa with movements from various mixed martial arts, creating one fully integrated style of movement. Through a strong understanding of and focus on anatomical alignment and functional movement, this practice enables students to gain control and grace, both on the mat and off. Budokon enables practitioners to deepen the mind/body connection through dynamic, challenging and highly unique sequencing of asana. We will dance between strength and flexibility, incorporating techniques like spinal rolling, floating and animal inspired movements, using every side of our mat and beyond for a practice that will leave your body and mind challenged and wanting more.

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