Have you heard about Earthing?

Did you know that the earth emits a natural energy that promotes vibrant health amongst us humans when direct skin-to-soil contact {Earthing} is made?

Yup, and there is extensive research on it too.  Because of our modern way of living, we don’t get this direct raw earthly connection like we used to.  We wear shoes (or at least most of us do) and we don’t sleep on the ground for the most part.  Scientists are now figuring out that this person-to-planet disconnect is directly correlated to a handful of common health issues, including insomnia, fatigue, depression, chronic pain, and problematic blood pressure.  [Check out this YouTube video on Earthing]

We all have had the experience of the build up of static electricity and getting a shock when we touched something metal or maybe we did it on purpose to zap an unsuspecting friend.  In fact, our bodies use electricity all the time.  Muscle contraction, nerve signal transmission, hormone release; many body functions use the exchange of electrically charged ions in order to function properly.  A buildup of charged energy, or static electricity causes slowing or even “freezing” of these systems. A buildup of positive energy charge is most common and can result in excess “free radicals,” which are positively charged ions.  These types of excessive positive ions are known to cause oxidative stress, a degenerative process.  This is the aging process.

We spend our time throughout the day exposed to a lot of electrical energy. All our nifty, latest, greatest electrical gadgets from your cell phone and blue tooth headsets to microwaves, WiFI, and radio waves.  For many of us, we spend hours glued to a computer monitor in order to get our work done.

We used to spend a lot of time in contact with the one thing that could rid our bodies of this build up of energy – the Earth!  Is it surprising that since the advent of rubber souled shoes and concrete jungles that we have seen an increase in inflammatory type diseases?  What’s a yogi to do?

Ready to reconnect with Mother Earth?  Time to try something aptly named earthing or grounding. This practice aims for a back-to-basics approach that is quite simply based upon the practice of allowing bare skin to make direct contact with the earth’s surface. By walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt, or rock, the body absorbs free electrons that are emitted from the earth. Studies suggest that these electrons from the natural earth act as antioxidants that have the power to diminish many of the ailments affecting humans.

There are many ways to experience earthing.  Take your shoes off and walk outside in your yard.  While your there, maybe do some yoga.  Tree pose and Mountain Pose are two very simple poses to mindfully connect back in with nature.  Try the practice out for 30 minutes a day and see if you notice a difference in your emotional and physical health.

The practice of earthing/grounding can potentially help improve sleep, eliminate headaches, regulate the menstrual and other hormonal processes, support adrenal function, improve mood levels, speed recovery after exercise or injury to name just a few of the list of purported benefits of this practice.   There are all specially produced “earthing mats” and other products to promote grounding.  Aside from the benefits of getting outside for 30 minutes a day to help with grounding, there are so many other positive things that happen when we get outside and back to nature.  See for yourself what 30 minutes a day getting connected to the planet you live on does for you!


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