Gain Balance

You may have noticed that this is the lead-off phrase in our tagline.  Gain Balance.  We put it first, because we think it is probably one of the most difficult things to attain in a modern society.  With a ton of seeming “have-to’s”, like working to pay the bills, raising children, going to school, or caring for an aging parent, how does a person carve out the time necessary for self-care and reset? We know for ourselves that finding time for the have-to’s is even an increasingly difficult challenge that leaves us sleep deprived, cranky, and reaching for our box of Thin Mints

Here is what we know for sure – If you keep on your current path, if you keep making everything else a priority but your good health, it is going to catch up.  Eventually, you are going to move up yet another notch on your belt, the doctor is going to give you that “what are you doing” look, and recovering from life’s ups and downs, both physical and mental, will get harder and harder.  You have the power to change that outcome and regain balance.

We can tell you that yoga is one way to start getting back your balance.  You will notice that as the body starts to change, the mind starts to change too.  And really, the mind is the hardest part of all.  Once we start making new choices, we create new pathways in the brain that create new normals and new priorities.  We know it happens.  We have seen in happen to ourselves, and we have seen the look in our student’s faces as those new habits start paying off.

We know the journey is not easy, but the teachers at BPY are here to help.  We’ve been there and we are full of wisdom and insights that we love sharing with you.  We mean it when we say talk to us after class.

Namaste peeps…see you on the mat.

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