ORA Cacao – Moving from Routine to Ritual

Introducing the practice of Cacao preparation and drinking into yourself self-care routine can become an important ritual to keep you centered, connected to your heart, and living life in a good way. Recently, Heather shared with us her own experience and gave us permission to share it here with all of you!

A few days ago, after taking a class at the studio, I decided to try the ORA cacao. All of the choices seemed interesting but when I picked up the Mystical Mushroom, it just felt right. My intuition told me this is the one I needed.

Most days after lunch, I take 10 minutes to sip a cup of tea. It’s an intentional practice that I use to cultivate a sense of peace and stillness at a natural transition point in my day. I decided to have my cacao instead of my tea that day. I had only ever drank cacao before in a group as part of a formal ceremony. I wondered what it would be like to drink it on my own. Would it be as special? Would it feel different?

I prepared my cacao with hot water and a large splash of sweetened soy milk. Then I used a milk frother to mix it well. The froth looked delicious. The cacao smelled delicious. I held the warm mug in my hands as I quietly set an intention to simply be open to what the cacao would provide to me.

The taste of my drink was very smooth and earthy. I found it easy to savor and really immerse my senses in the experience. And then a feeling of expansiveness started to grow inside my body. The feeling was very similar to what I sometimes feel in meditation– like experiencing a closer, more direct connection with the universe. To be honest, it was a pretty unexpected feeling, but one that I welcomed. The expansive feeling was so strong that I got up from my kitchen table to step outside in my backyard. Standing in my backyard, with my eyes closed, and face turned up to the endless sky, the expansion and connection felt complete. I had, for a few moments, found myself immersed in the flow of life.

Yours In Service,

Heather S.

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