I Cannot Do Yoga

“I cannot do yoga”.

Yup, I know.  I have about a million reasons that I have heard to add after this phrase.  I cannot do yoga because I am not flexible, because I don’t know what I an doing, because I heard that yoga tries to change your religion,  and because, because, because.  The list goes on.

But let’s be real….you can do yoga.  Anyone can be a yogi.

Here is what I am going to tell you – It doesn’t matter one bit if you can’t touch your toes.  In fact, it’s even better.  Yoga isn’t about learning to touch your toes – at least it is not completely about that.  In yoga, we try to learn how to be nicer people.  The touching of the toes is a great side benefit.

No one comes to his or her first yoga class knowing what to do.  It’s cool.  We have all had a first yoga class.  You know what is great about yogis?  We love new people.  We are rooting for you.

Yoga is not a religion.  Actually yoga is a science.  You know that crazy voice inside your head that never shuts up?  Well, one of the biggest goals of yoga is to shut that person up.  We do that by exhausting our bodies and then laying their quietly at the end of the class on our mats.  You can meditate, you can pray, you can be grateful you survived that last downward dog – whatever you want.  But no one is going to try to convert you to be anything except maybe a happier human being.

So, if you have another “because” that is keeping you from trying yoga, we would love to hear about it.  We find that most of the time the reason that people don’t want to give yoga a try is a lot of misinformation.  Yoga is for everyone…every BODY.

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