The Human Experience by Dave DiSanto

Sharing In The Human Experience


Why is it the things that we’re all so vulnerable to talk about are the very same things that make us all so Human? What are we all so afraid of?


Perhaps it’s the love, I’m sure it’s the tears. Why are we so hesitant to show one another the bottoms of our feet?


Do we think people will only see the dirt and not the soul?


At night, do we see only stars and not the Glorious, mysteriously Grand universe all around them as well?


Would it be nearly as beautiful if there were only stars… or only darkness?


If we meet someone for the first time we call them strangers. We all feel, Love, think, interact and breathe, so what then is so strange? Free yourself!!


I want to know the  struggles you’re dealing with now. I want to know the beauty you’ve  witnessed today. I want to help. I want to learn. I want to reciprocate.


Don’t stop at telling me what you think, but why you think. When I’m dead and gone, I want people to know who I was as a Flowing Spirit.


Like an ocean, rising and falling; our surfaces should remain “ever ready”.


There’s truth in our communication, interaction is sharing, giving, and growing. We’re all prophets! We all have messages for one another.


Do clouds hold back their rain? Likewise, notice flowers don’t struggle to bloom. It’s a part of who they are, it’s a part of becoming!


It’s Life: practice and the game at the same time. So please, open yourself completely and embrace the Human experience.


“Smile at the World and it Will Smile Back”…..Peace Pilgrim.

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