BPY’s Virtual Yoga Community + Patreon

BPY makes the move to Patreon and you can get in on a free 30-day trial period if you sign up before April 3rd

We are so grateful for our time (and your participation) on the Marvelous Platform. Having the ability to stay connected via on-demand + livestream classes during the pandemic was a huge help in keeping our virtual yoga community intact! We have many students that now practice near and far and take full advantage of having BPY’s virtual yoga community “whenever + wherever” for as little as $15/month.

In order for us to continue hosting this virtual yoga library of classes we need to make a small shift – that’s where Patreon comes in to play! We LOVE the simplicity and app capabilities that Patreon offers, and we know you will too! We are calling on our community members to keep the on-demand community active + available. In an effort to do just that, we are offering a trial period on Patreon for FREE!!

BPY Joins Patreon

You can download the Patreon App on your smart phone or use your web browser to find us!

Once your initial trial period ends, you will be sent an email with an opportunity to join the online community for a great deal – $15 per month (thats a full month of yoga for the price of 1 drop-in)!! You’ll have 48 hours to claim the offer before the monthly membership fee rises. We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new platform and look forward to adding to the ever-evolving virtual yoga library.

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